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L'Occitane - Divine Cream

I'm actually having a total love affair with L'Occitane at the moment. Just can't get enough of them. L'Occitane comes from Provence in France, they bring inspiration from Mediterranean cultures and use them to create skincare, bodycare and haircare products. They use many natural complexes in their products, which have often been patented. Their ingredients are sourced sustainably and fairly, so the products come totally guilt free!

Divine Cream comes from L'Occitane's first Immortelle range the Divine Range. Immortelle is a yellow plant that never looses it's shape or colour when dried. L'Occitane used the essential oil from the Immortelle plant to create the Divine Range. Read my full coverage of the Immortelle Range's 'here'.

Divine Cream recently won an award in the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible as the Best Miracle Cream. It's a multi purpose cream. It's for moisture, nourishment, wrinkles, and radiance. It has three patented ingredients meaning only L'Occitane can use the ingredients in their products. So you won't find those three ingrediants in any other cream.

Divine Cream comes with so many promises. The little leaflet inside the box is full of information on the product and claims on how well it works, and these are pretty high claims. 'From the very first use, the skin looks incredibly beautiful' humm, does it really work that fast? 'After four weeks, it appears regenerated. It is visibly younger looking and radiant - and the results are both instant and long lasting' a very high claim for a face cream without SPF. Although I must admit, I'm expecting a lot from a face cream that costs £65.00, you wouldn't pay that much for an ordinary face cream now would you? 

The cream is in jar packaging, my advice with jar packaging is not to stick your fingers in it. The bacteria from your fingers then lives in the cream, meaning it's all transferred to your face after every use. I use a fresh cotton bud each time and dip it in the cream. Or you can use spatulas which can be washed and re-used. The full size jar is 50mL. Which will last you ages! You need so little of this cream, it's spreads easily across your face and is thick and moisturising, meaning a little goes a long way.

As I said the texture of this cream is quite thick. It leaves a greasy layer on my skin after I've used it that slowly soaks in over the day meaning my skin is constantly moisturised. It's said to have 'excellent nourishing properties' and I don't doubt that. It's great for nourishing and moisturising skin. However my skin can get oily quite quickly and when I first started using it I wasn't quite sure if it would benefit my oily skin.

This cream smells gorgeous. It's not a sweet in your face smell, it's very subtle and elegant. It's slightly floral and very hard to describe! It scent doesn't last on your skin, you can smell it when your applying the cream though. It's not over-powering, just lovely and quite relaxing! Am sorry to say it isn't a natural scent, this product does contain a good amount of fragrance.

So here's my L'Occitane Divine Cream Diary!

  • My first few days, not looking good. I haven't noticed any 'instant effects', and I've had an out break of acne. Not good. The Divine Cream isn't helping my acne because of how greasy it is. Hope it gets better! 
  • I spoke to someone at L'Occitane, they recommended I use the smallest amount. This cream is so moisturising it's unreal. You need to use so little. Now am using less it feels a lot less greasy and am getting quite excited about the results. 
  • One week on, I love this stuff. So nourishing my skin feels so healthy even with acne! My skin is looking noticablly more radiant. My skin just drinks the Divine Cream up every morning and evening.
  • A little over a week, my boyfriend commented on how radiant my skin is looking!
  • My skin is looking even better, I even braved going out without any foundation on, just a little concealer. Good stuff.

  • So I've been using this cream religiously for two whole weeks now. I've used it every morning and evening without fail! I generally feel my skin is in much better condition. Much softer and my complexion has evened out. I do have to use a shine-free product on my T-Zone still due to the moisturising nature of this product.
Now as I say, I've only been using this cream for two weeks and I've seen amazing results (that aren't as obvious in a photo!) However L'Occitane say your skin will be even better if you continue to use the cream for four weeks. However being a beauty blogger I don't really have four weeks face time to spare! Another face cream must be tested! 

I do believe that whenever I'm not testing a face cream, I'll go back to Divine Cream. It's the best face cream I currently own, and I currently own a lot! Let me just share a few quotes with you from the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, these women also loved this cream:
  • 'Skin instantly looked brighter and much smoother and plumped; after two weeks fine lines around the mouth much less noticeable and skin much more supple, and the improvements continued'. 
  • 'My skin hasn't looked so good for a long time, so much brighter I look as if I've had a good nights sleep'.
  • 'Complexion was more plump, less drawn, less sagging, with really nice bright glow, eyes glowed too and normally ruddy complexion reduced; improvements continued as long as I was using it'.
The Divine Cream scored 8.98/10 in the Miracle Cream section of the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, the highest score they've ever received for a Miracle Cream in the Beauty Bible series. 

So, this cream costs £65 for 50mL. A 50mL bottle will last you a good three months for dry skin or for more oily skin, I think it'd last around 4-5 months, so little is needed!

Anyone with dull tired skin, this is the wake-up call your skin needs! And I'm giving you the chance to trial this cream for yourself. I have a five day trial to send off to one lucky reader:

Entering is simple. Follow me by GFC and comment below with your email address. That's all! I'm going to be ever so lovely and say this giveaway is open internationally. I'll announce the winner next Saturday (1st of October). 

What do you think to L'Occitane? Will you be trying any of their Immortelle range?

Becca :) x

Disclosure: Divine Cream and Divine Cream Trails have been provided to me free of charge for consideration. This in no way sways my opinion towards the positive side. Like all the women in the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, I think this cream really makes a difference.


  1. sounds just what i need! as soon as winter is even mentioned my skin becomes dry :(( xx

  2. Wow I would love to win this!
    I found your blog on bbloggers, love it!

  3. I saw this on QVC the other day! I would love the chance to try it.
    Thank you for such a thorough review, you really can see a difference. xxx

  4. Thanks for entering :D Good Luck!

  5. Hey, how do you get so many PR samples sent to you? I'd love so many freebiesss :) haha

  6. I really don't blog for free products, I blog because I have a passion for cosmetics and beauty. I really enjoy writing reviews and put hours of work into each review. PR's can see my passion and how much work I put into products, if they know your only in it for freebies it's highly unlikely they'll send products out.

  7. Haha i was just messing, everyone loves a freebie but obviously i don't blog for them, bit too much effort for a few free products!! haha congrats on 50 followers btw, just seen your new post, feels good doesn't it! 50 people want to read what we write, keeeerazy!!

  8. hehe okies :) yeah it's great! i love doing giveaways too and it's a great excuse!

  9. Hi! I just now read this post. I work at L'Occitane- glad you love Divine!- and just wanted to let you know that the fragrance in the Divine cream is indeed natural, as it is in nearly all of the products. The scents used originate from plant/flower essential oils and extracts. The main treatment ingredients in Divine are two flower essential oils (Immortelle and Myrtle). "Parfum/Fragrance" does not have to mean "synthetic"! :)

  10. Ohhh great :D thanks so much for letting me know :)

  11. Make sure that you're applying the moisturizer properly! It'll help absorb better and it'll work better!

  12. Its a lengthy process. The DIVINE range is 6 steps!! Foaming face wash, spray toner, lotion (! Of somekind?), serum, moisturiser, eye cream. I only do it at night for 2 reasons, firstly as I said before its a lengthy process and secondly its too heavy (the moisturiser especially) for my face for daytime wear. Ive been using it for 2 weeks and have not seen a huge changes except to say I do feel my skin is getting a 'good night's drink' and it is a little less dry. ..


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